Themed/Living-Learning Communities

In addition to regular housing options, Wingate University offers three residential communities organized around themes. Themed communities offer special programming and activities throughout the academic year – including, in some cases, common learning opportunities. Students must self-select to participate in a themed community and denote this on the housing questionnaire. Themed communities are housed in one of the four first-year residence halls.

*Roommate requests will be honored in our themed communities only if all individuals request the same community. If each roommate does not indicate the same community, the roommates will be paired together but housed in a non-theme community.

Carolina Girls Community

Carolina Girls is a community for any first-year female, whether from North Carolina or from out of state, who wants to immerse herself in the Carolina and Wingate culture!

Carolina Girls programming and resources will assist students in their transition to the university and the surrounding area. Throughout the year, the students in this area will have opportunities to go on trips to experience what the state has to offer, volunteer in the local area, engage in interpersonal relationships with fellow community members, and cultivate leadership skills.

Students who have participated in this community, especially those from out of state, have indicated a feeling of being more involved and invested in their experience at Wingate. Students in this community live with those with common interests and in an environment where everyone is adjusting, engaging, and growing through a common experience.

Roommate assignments will ensure that rooms in the Carolina Girls community contain a mix of in-state and out-of-state students, unless there is a roommate request.

LEAD Community

If you are interested in leadership development and making an impact on campus and in the community, LEAD is the place for you.

LEAD is a first-year living-learning community devoted to preparing students for campus life, leadership positions, and individual development while students find their home at Wingate. Based on the social-change model and servant leadership, LEAD will give you the opportunity to grow as a student leader while giving back to the campus and local community.

During the year, students in LEAD will participate in interactive programs, service projects, and social events. In the fall semester, students in this community will be enrolled in a semester-long, for-credit leadership-development course. The community will be located in one of our coed (by floor) residence hall.

Koinonia Community

If you are interested in growing socially, spiritually and intellectually, Koinonia is the place for you.

Koinonia is an intentional-living community devoted to the spiritual life of inner and outward growth with the tenants of fellowship, faith development, service, and generosity. Based on principles outlined by the teachings of Christ, the community accepts and welcomes participants from a wide variety of denominations and backgrounds. Koinonia is a transliterated Greek word meaning communion and joint participation.

Members of this community will participate in a group whose connections will last a lifetime. There will be intentional times of fellowship and community service, as well as development of your personal spiritual life. Koinonia is a group that lives together, plays together, eats together, prays together, works together, and grows together. Of course, you will not be asked to spend every waking moment together, but there will be weekly times of fellowship and discipleship, along with monthly opportunities for service in the community.