Federal Direct Loans

Federal student loans have fixed and often lower interest rates and income-based repayment plans. You don’t have to start paying back federal student loans until you graduate, leave school or attend less than half-time. Students who receive Federal Direct Loans at Wingate for the first time must complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Loan Promissory Note to receive the loan funds. Students can visit Wingate’s Financial Planning website for additional information and instructions.

Parents can also seek a Parent PLUS Loan. This is available for a parent to borrow for each dependent student who’s enrolled in college at least half-time. The Parent PLUS loan can finance up to the full cost of your child’s education each academic year, minus grants and other financial aid received. Parents applying for a Federal Parent PLUS Direct Loan must complete the application (each year) and the Master Promissory Note for accepting this loan. Further instructions for this process will be included with the student’s award-letter information or can be found by visiting the website.