FERPA Waiver

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) relates to students’ rights concerning educational records and information. It is also called the Buckley Amendment, which became law in January 1975. This law granted parents access to educational records from elementary through high school. Once a child enters college, the law shifts ownership of educational records to the student. FERPA gives students the right to inspect and review their educational records, including grades, transcripts, and other academic records. It also outlines rules for releasing and disclosing students’ information.

As a student, if you believe your rights under FERPA have not been upheld, you may file a complaint with the United States Department of Education. If you wish to share your educational records with anyone, including your family, you must complete the Student Waiver of FERPA Rights and return it to the Registrar’s Office. Please note that there are three sections: Section A relates to financial records, Section B relates to educational records (e.g., grades), and Section C relates to conduct/disciplinary records. Students may opt to complete one section or all sections.