Gateway 101

We know that starting college or transferring can be overwhelming. That’s why all new students take Gateway 101 in their first semester on campus. We want you to succeed, and Gateway 101 sets you up for success. This class meets weekly. It is an extension of Orientation and a graduation requirement.

In Gateway 101, you will be introduced to resources and tools you’ll need. You’ll hear from full-time faculty and staff and upper-class students who serve as peer mentors. Gateway 101 is designed to help you achieve specific goals. These include the ability to:

  • Identify and use campus resources and opportunities that contribute to your academic and personal success
  • Improve written and oral communication skills to discover, develop and articulate ideas
  • Use resources and publications specific to your major to successfully complete that major, including active participation in advising and registration
  • Maximize opportunities offered through cultural and campus life organizations and events
  • Develop critical relationships with mentors, faculty and staff so you can discuss matters related to campus life, your coursework, academic progress and life beyond the classroom
  • Establish supportive relationships with classmates and peer mentors in all areas of your university life

Questions about Gateway 101 can be directed to the Office of Orientation at or (704)233-8663 or the Director of Gateway 101, Dr. Eddie Case, at


Because diversity of experience is essential to a well-rounded education, Wingate University provides varied opportunities for cultural enrichment outside of the classroom. The Lyceum Series includes programs in the four categories listed below. To graduate, you must attend at least 24 events over the course of your studies, distributed according to the following chart:

Faith and Character Development 4 events
Fine Arts Presentations and Performances 4 events
Academic Lectures 4 events
Personal and Professional Growth 4 events
Electives from any category 8 events

Grade Point Average

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain in good academic standing. Those who fall below the 2.0 GPA minimum can be placed on academic probation for the next regular semester.