Honor Code

How important is the Wingate University Honor Code? A copy hangs in every classroom on campus. Students sign an honor pledge on all of their classwork and tests. Their signatures commit them to academic integrity: They won’t lie, cheat, steal or plagiarize. And they won’t allow others to either.

As a member of the Wingate University community, you are expected to hold yourself to high standards and conduct yourself in a manner that brings honor to you and to our institution. Therefore, you are responsible for knowing the Honor Code and honor system provisions as outlined in the Student Handbook. Ignorance is no excuse.

Cheating, copying, plagiarizing, using improper citations and buying or using papers by someone else are just a few examples of Honor Code violations that compromise the integrity of the institution and have the potential to jeopardize your student status. We encourage you to ask professors for clarification if you have questions about ethics involving examinations, homework, laboratory work, papers or other academic assignments.

During Convocation, the official kickoff of the academic year, students will pledge to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to maintaining a positive environment for teaching and learning. It is our hope that this commitment ceremony will be a constant reminder to you to always act in a way that brings pride to the institution.