Wingate offers four undergraduate degrees, 35 majors, 34 minors and numerous pre-professional tracks. A bachelor’s degree is composed of classes from three areas: the core curriculum, the major and electives. All students list an intended major on the admissions application. Unless a change is requested, the major indicated on your application will be your officially declared major.

Within each major, students:

  • Develop writing skills appropriate to the area of study
  • Learn to use current technology within the field
  • Acquire skills in public speaking through oral presentations and defenses

Choosing a major is important because required coursework could potentially start during the first semester of the first year. Although students often explore various courses before finalizing a major, it is recommended that all students declare a major by the beginning of their second year. Students who are undeclared are encouraged to discuss options with their Care Team members, who can help them identify strengths, interests, personality types, and values.

The Core

The University’s core curriculum is built around skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. It provides the unifying thread that runs through the varied academic pursuits on campus.

  • Global Perspectives (GPS) courses provide a foundation for navigating the culturally diverse settings where graduates will live and work.
  • Refined writing skills are nurtured in courses that focus on the best writing in multiple fields of study. Wingate’s Writing Center provides daily assistance in integrating these skills at every level.
  • Other courses provide opportunities to develop skills and cultural perspectives required by challenges the contemporary workforce sets before us.

The Core includes the following Global Perspectives and University Foundations courses which must be completed prior to graduation. Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree will need to complete a second language through the intermediate level (200 level).

Bachelor Degree

Global Perspectives (GPS)

GPS 110 – Global Perspectives in Scripture GPS 120 – Global Perspectives in World Cultures
GPS 210 – Global Perspectives in Literature GPS 220 – Global Perspectives in Economics & Political Science
GPS 310 – Global Perspectives in Ethics GPS 320 – Perspectives in Global Histories
Second Language
(Bachelor of Science requires through the elementary 100 level; Bachelor of Arts requires through the intermediate 200 level)

University Foundations

English 110 – University Writing & Research Gateway 101 – First Year Transition course
Fine Arts – Any art or threatre arts course, music ensemble, or MUS156 for at least two credit hours Lyceum – Four events in each category, plus eight electives from any category for a total of 24 attendance credits.
Laboratory Science and Mathematics
  • One semester in biology, chemistry or physics for four credit hours
  • One semester in Math 115 or higher for three to four credit hours
  • Two additional courses chosen from these two categories for six to eight credit hours
Social or Behavioral Science – One semester in psychology, sociology, political science, economics or history for three credit hours.
Physical Education 101 – Personal Fitness and Wellness Literature and Writing – Choose from English literature courses 200 level or above and other courses designed for the third year for three credit hours.

This video highlights how Wingate University incorporates its motto of Faith, Knowledge and Service into academics and campus life.